What Food Works With Asian Food?

Which food item is associated with Asian cuisine? East Asian cuisine Examples of staple foods include rice, noodles, mung beans, soybeans, seafood (Japan has the highest per capita consumption of seafood), mutton (Mongolia), bok choy (Chinese cabbage), and tea. Cuisines in this region are similar to Southeast Asian cuisine due to cultural and ethnic mixing. … Read More

FAQ: Where To Buy Asian Import Food Online?

Can you order Korean food online? SFMart.com is the online Asian food grocery market where you can purchase verity of Korea, Japanese, and Chinese food grocery online. What can I buy in Mitsuwa? For home cooks, the real appeal of Mitsuwa market is the enormous selection of imported Japanese pantry staples, like kombu (seaweed), bonito … Read More

Why Africans Buy Asian Food?

Why is Asian cuisine popular? In a matter of only 15 years, Asian cuisine has gone from being a niche food obsession to one of the most popular around the world. The world’s fast growing appetite for Asian food has a lot to do with both population growth and economic development on the continent. What … Read More