Quick Answer: Who Dat Sauce?

Who owns Dat SaUcE?

D.a.T. SaUcE is a family owned and operated company based out of Morgan City, Louisiana. Food is a family affair down south and we are no exception to that. Don Tabor and Scott Green are first cousins raised in Stephensville, LA and are the men behind the madness that is D.a.T. SaUcE.

What is dat SaUcE at Dat Dog?

Murray shared the recipe (sort of) for Dat Dog’s beef-broth-based andouille sauce, which has bits of sausage and vegetables. It works exceptionally well, he says, on their Polish, smoked and hot sausages. But it’s even more all-purpose. “It works really well with everything.

Where is dat sauce made?

D.a.T. Sauce is a family owned and operated company based out of Morgan City, Louisiana.

Who owns Dat Dog New Orleans?

Dat Dog founder and owner Constantine Georges is the brother of John Georges, the owner of The Advocate. The Lafayette restaurant has five employees.

What should I buy for Dat Dog?


  • Vienna All-Beef Frank. Classic frank, Chicago favorite.
  • Polish Kielbasa. Seasoned with garlic and paprika.
  • Italian Sausage. Bold, traditional, authentic.
  • Alligator Sausage. Lightly smoked and mildly spicy.
  • Crawfish Sausage. Smoked with mild Cajun seasoning.
  • Duck Sausage.
  • Guinness Dog.
  • Vaucresson Hot Sausage.

What district is Magazine Street in New Orleans?

Stretching six miles parallel to the Mississippi River from Canal Street to Audubon Park, Magazine Street travels from the Central Business District and the Warehouse Arts District through the Garden District and Uptown.

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