What Is Peppadew Sauce?

The combination of pickled and roasted peppers with sundried tomatoes and cream cheese is a wonderful mix of tangy flavors. I can imagine many other uses for this dip as well, such as spread in a sandwich. – JoanG —The Editors.

What does peppadew taste like?

Stuffed Peppadew Peppers have a unique, delicious taste – a mixture of peppery and sweet, with a distinctive flavor. They have a mild heat of around 1200 on the Scoville scale. The peppers look a lot like cherry tomatoes but are not related to tomatoes at all.

What pepper is similar to peppadew?

What is a Good Substitute for Peppadew Peppers? Pickled cherry peppers or pimentos are probably the best substitutes, though you may not get as much of that sweetness you are looking for. Consider swirling in just a touch of honey if you are using any of these as a substitute.

What does peppadew mustard taste like?

This is not a standard mustard in the sense that the Peppadew peppers add a nice extra flavor that give this its own special flavor. That flavor is hard to describe, somewhat sweet and spicy, but not any way in a honey mustard sense. Only moderately spicy.

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Can you eat raw Peppadews?

It is interesting that peppadews (piquant peppers) are rarely eaten raw as it does not have much taste in its raw state. If it is bought in a bottle, the pleasantly sweet-sour pickling liquid which takes on the flavour of the peppadews, can be used as a salad dressing or in cooking.

Are peppadew and cherry peppers the same?

Sweet piquante peppers are most often known by the brand name “peppadew.” They are actually cherry tomato shaped peppers originally from South Africa, commonly sold in jars, pickled.

Can I substitute pepperoncini for Peppadew?

The best substitutes for Peppadew Pepper are sweet cherry peppers, pimentos, sweety drop peppers, rocoto chiles, sweet red peppers, giardiniera, pepperoncini, and pickled jalapenos.

Are pimentos Peppadew peppers?

Typically the mildest of all peppers (the pimento) is added to the cheese dip. I kick the flavor up a bit with the slightly sweet, slightly spicy pickled piquante peppers also known as Peppadew peppers.

Is Pimento the same as Peppadew?

Peppadews are described as a cross between a tomato and a pepper, however it is actually a spicy, piquant pepper discovered in South Africa in 1993. Peppadews look like pimentos when mixed into this recipe but they give this recipe some extra zip.

Is peppadew mustard spicy?

A smooth mustard based on Peppadew. Lightly spicy, good combination with grilled meat. Also as a basis for a spicy sauce.

How long are peppadew peppers good for?

The sweet yet peppery flavors in the brine balance perfectly with the peppers’ subtle crunch. Peppadews are ideal for impromptu entertaining. With a shelf life of 24 months (yes, two years!), they can hang in your refrigerator, always ready at a moment’s notice.

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Are Peppadews good for you?

The pepper is considered to be a healthy food with high amounts of Vitamin C, beta-carotene and dietary fiber. It is considered to be a low-calorie fruit which is free of cholesterol.

Can I grow peppadew peppers?

Peppadew are produced from the plant Capsicum baccatum, related to the classic Bell Pepper, Capsicum annum. These perennial plants are both from the potato family, Solanaceae and they are both often grown as annuals for pepper production. Grow in bright sun and moist, well-draining soil and protect from frosts.

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