Quick Answer: What Is Hp Sauce Used For?

HP Sauce has a tomato base, blended with malt vinegar and spirit vinegar, sugars (molasses, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar), dates, cornflour, rye flour, salt, spices and tamarind. It is used as a condiment with hot and cold savoury food, and as an ingredient in soups and stews.

What do you put HP Sauce on?

How Do You Use HP Sauce?

  1. Shepherd’s pie.
  2. Bangers and mash.
  3. Sausage sandwich/sausage roll.
  4. Bacon butty (a bacon sandwich)
  5. Eggs on toast.
  6. Beans on toast.
  7. With a full English breakfast (or full Scottish, if you prefer)
  8. Corned beef.

What is an HP Sauce and what are its used?

HP Sauce is a condiment; a popular brown sauce with a malt vinegar base, blended with fruit and spices. It is usually eaten with savoury food, or used as an ingredient in soups or stews. HP Sauce became known as “Wilson’s Gravy” in the 1960s and 1970s – named after Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson.

Is HP Sauce the same as Worcestershire?

It is known that HP Sauce contains tamarind fruit, vinegar, and molasses, just like Worcestershire, all of which provide the trademark tang and sweetness (via Open Food Facts).

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Is HP Sauce like ketchup?

It’s tangy and fruity like ketchup, but it’s more vinegary than it is sugary. In the UK, if you happen to be eating, say, any given sausage, you will be just about as likely to be able to procure HP Sauce in the vicinity as ketchup or mustard.

Do you refrigerate HP sauce?

What the experts say: HP Sauce contains preservative ingredients including both malt vinegar and spirit vinegar, so it’s fine to keep in the cupboard, along with your ketchup. Dr Schenker says: ‘It’s vinegar-based, so keeping it in the fridge isn’t necessary. ‘

What is the Flavour of HP sauce?

The sauce, which has been around since 1899, is a darkly spiced, slightly syrupy, savory flavor bomb that we can’t get enough of. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, but we do know that it has a tomato base, augmented by malt vinegar, dates, tamarind and rye flour.

Is HP sauce a BBQ sauce?

HP BBQ Sauce is a range of barbecue sauces, and is the UK’s best selling barbecue sauce product. Since 2011 the original HP sauce has been manufactured with a new reduced-sodium recipe, with 0.8 g per 100 g.

What does HP brown sauce stand for?

HP, the UK’s no. 1 brown sauce has been adding oomph to your favourite dishes since 1903. If you didn’t know, HP stands for ‘ Houses of Parliament ‘ as it was rumoured the sauce was used in the restaurant there, back at the turn of the 20th century.

Is HP sauce discontinued?

We contacted HP Sauce Brand Manager, Ursula Du Plessis, who told us ” Rest assured HP has not been discontinued. In the meantime, we found a recipe to make your own HP- style sauce at home, and until it returns to our store shelves, it’s strict HP rations for everyone!

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What is HP fruity sauce?

HP Fruity Brown Sauce, a unique mild and tangy brown sauce made from a subtle blend of high quality fruits with a hint of spices. HP Fruity sauce adds a twist to your favourite sandwiches or as an accompaniment to hot or cold snacks. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS. NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS. NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES.

Is HP sauce umami?

In the UK, it used to be so popular that many people doused HP sauce over almost all their food. One who did so was prime minister Harold Wilson, which is why it was sometimes called ‘Wilson’s gravy’. Tamarind’s sweet-sour taste is what makes these umami-rich sauces appealing, and also cousins to Indian imli pickles.

Can dogs eat HP brown sauce?

“If you have barbecue sauce on a piece of grilled chicken, for example, don’ t give it to your dog. It can cause vomiting or diarrhea.” If your dog eats something that contains an artificial sugar, called Xylitol, it can cause liver failure, Scott said.

How long is HP sauce good for?

THE great sauce debate may have been finally solved – you MUST keep ketchup and brown sauce in the fridge once opened, according to experts. Not only that, any remaining red sauce should be thrown away after three months and HP, Daddies or other brown versions after six months.

Why is there no HP sauce?

The brown sauce started disappearing from South African shelves last year after a contract between Kraft Heinz, which owns HP sauce, and PepsiCo-owned Pioneer Foods, which held the licence to sell the sauce in the country, came to an end.

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