Readers ask: What Is In Alabama White Sauce?

What is Alabama white sauce made of?

What is Alabama White Sauce? The head pitmaster of Big Bob Gibson’s restaurant, Chris Lilly, first shared their restaurant original recipe which was measured in gallons and is a fairly simple mixture of mayonnaise, corn syrup, vinegar, and salt/pepper.

Why is Alabama white sauce controversial?

When you’re smoking chicken for hours at a time in a pit, it has a tendency to dry out once the fat is cooked away. This is where the Alabama white sauce controversy enters the picture. The base of the sauce isn’t tomatoes like most BBQ sauces. The mayo isn’t the dominant flavor in the sauce.

What is in Jack’s Alabama white sauce?

It combines peppery, lemon-y, and sweet flavors with a cut of vinegar and spice in a mayo-based sauce, making for a surprising, welcomed addition to Jack’s sandwich and burger offerings.

What does Alabama white sauce go with?

The tangy flavor is kind of like ranch dressing, and just as dangerously addictive. It’s also every bit as versatile: Big Bob’s recommends pouring it on chicken, pork, seafood and turkey, and using it as the secret ingredient in homemade cole slaw and potato salad.

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Who invented mayonnaise?

“Mayonnaise is said to be the invention of the French chef of the Duke de Richelieu in 1756. While the duke was defeating the British at Port Mahon, his chef was creating a victory feast that included a sauce made of cream and eggs.

What is white barbecue sauce made of?

At many barbecue joints across the South, white barbecue sauce (sometimes referred to as Alabama white BBQ sauce) is the sauce of choice. It’s typically a mayonnaise-based sauce, made tangy with the addition of vinegar, horseradish, and mustard.

Who invented white BBQ sauce?

This incredibly easy-to-make Alabama white barbecue sauce was invented in 1925 by Robert ‘Big Bob’ Gibson at Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q restaurant, in Decatur.

When was Alabama white sauce invented?

Big Bob Gibson created a distinct style of barbecue in 1925 when he started combining mayonnaise and vinegar as a sauce for chickens that he pit-cooked whole at his restaurant in Decatur.

What is Ivory BBQ sauce?

This mayonnaise-based sauce is a true Alabama white barbeque sauce with a pinch of cayenne. This mayonnaise-based sauce is a true Alabama white barbeque sauce with a pinch of cayenne.

How long does White BBQ sauce last?

How long does white barbeque sauce last? You can store the sauce in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Is Jacks Alabama white sauce spicy?

This white Alabama-style BBQ sauce is equal parts sweet, spicy, tangy, and delicious!

What does NYC classic white sauce taste like?

The flavor is unique but can be best described as ranch with a twist of Mediterranean flavor. Lovely and literally goes well on any savory dish. Norman P. Excellent taste best white sauce ever!!!

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