Readers ask: What To Add To Bbq Sauce?

Onion powder, cumin, garlic, peppers: these are all go-to flavors for amping up the flavor profile of a too-bland, too-generic barbecue sauce. My two personal favorite ingredients to add are Worcestershire sauce and plain yellow mustard.

What can I add to my barbecue sauce?

Adding garlic or onion powder are standard flavors for barbecue, but get a little creative and try out different chili powders, peppers, cumin, or dried herbs to add body to the sauce.

What spice goes well with BBQ sauce?

Some of the most common dried herbs that are best used in rubs and sauces for barbecue are rosemary and thyme, as well as sage, parsley, cilantro, basil and oregano. While you can definitely get them in their fresh form, the dried variety of these herbs are those that work best for barbecue rubs.

How do you add depth to BBQ sauce?

Seasonings: Dried herbs and spices add depth to your sauce. Here are some seasonings that usually make it into barbecue sauce: Onion Powder. Garlic Powder. They include:

  1. Brown Sugar.
  2. Honey.
  3. Molasses.
  4. Fruit Juices.
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How do you make glaze for BBQ sauce?

According to Livestrong, you can turn any sauce or liquid into a glaze by carefully boiling it to reduce the water content, leaving it thicker as the water evaporates; but (as Olive Nation asserts) this is technically just a reduction — a thicker sauce with concentrated flavors.

How can I make my BBQ sauce more liquid?

But if you allow a barbecue sauce to simmer for more than the required time, it becomes thicker than desired. Following Agents Are Used:

  1. Bourbon or Rum: Rum and bourbon are perfect agents for thinning bbq sauces.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar:
  3. Citrus Juice:
  4. Fruit Liquor:
  5. Chicken or Beef Broth:
  6. Beer:

What is a good BBQ seasoning?


  • Boar’s Night Out White Lightning Double Garlic Butter.
  • Three Little Pigs Touch of Cherry.
  • Sweet Rub ‘O Mine.
  • Pig’s Ass Memphis Rub.
  • Rub Some Chicken.
  • Plowboys Yardbird Rub.
  • Boar’s Night Out White Lightning.
  • Three Little Pigs Championship Rub.

What are the top seasonings?

These Are the Essential Spices Every Kitchen Should Have

  • turmeric.
  • bay leaves.
  • granulated garlic.
  • ground cinnamon.
  • smoked paprika.
  • oregano. Credit: Spiceology / Burlap & Barrel / The Spice House.
  • cardamom. Credit: Burlap & Barrel / The Spice House.
  • mustard. Credit: Spiceology / The Spice House.

What are some good seasonings for food?

10 Staple Spices

  • Kosher Salt.
  • Black Pepper.
  • Garlic Powder.
  • Onion Powder.
  • Cumin, Ground.
  • Dried Oregano.
  • Dried Parsley.
  • Chile Powder.

How do you make BBQ sauce taste less like ketchup?

Tomato paste thinned down with cider vinegar, chicken or beef stock and brown sugar works for many BBQ sauces. This has all the flarvours ketchup brings without the taste you are worried about.

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What makes great BBQ?

What makes good BBQ? I consider successful barbecue to be the combination of seven basic characteristics happening at once: tenderness, juiciness, smokiness, proper fat rendering, enhanced rub, good exterior bark, all with a firm texture.

How do you cut the spice in BBQ sauce?

Sweet Defeats Heat Adding something sweet to a too spicy dish is another great way to reduce spiciness. A sprinkle of sugar or honey should do the trick. Or add a touch of sweet ketchup. If it’s a tomato-based sauce, stir in a little more tomato sauce and maybe a titch of sugar.

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