Question: How Do You Say You Cook Well In Chinese?

How do you say food was good? tasty appetizing. delectable. delish. divine. flavorful. flavorsome. flavory. full-flavored. How do you comfort someone in Chinese? 节哀顺变is the most commonly used Chinese idiom to express condolences. Literally, it means that you should restrain your sadness and adjust to the change. Also, you could say: 希望你坚强一点儿。 How do you … Read More

How To Cook Chinese Beef And Broccoli?

How do Chinese restaurants make beef so tender? This is how to tenderise beef with a Chinese restaurant method called “velveting beef ”. Also used for chicken, it’s a simple, highly effective technique using baking soda that transforms economical beef so it’s incredibly tender in stir fries and stir fried noodles. Is Chinese beef and … Read More