Often asked: What Thai Food Is Fingerroot Used In?

What is Fingerroot powder?

Fingerroot, Lesser Galangal (Krachai) Powder. (Boesenbergia rotunda) Fingerroot is called ‘Chinese ginger’, ‘Temu Kunci’, ‘Khmer’ and used as a spice in flavoring south-east Asian foods. Finger root is very aromatic and used in different cuisines including curries, fish dishes, stews and soups.

How do you use krachai?

Because its exuberant, aromatic quality freshens the taste of seafood, it is used primarily in seafood dishes. The fingers are cut into fine slivers and tossed along with other fragrant herbs into hot-and-spicy seafood stir-fries, curries and incendiary soups.

What is finger root good for?

Boesenbergia rotunda (Family: Zingiberaceae) as known as fingerroot is a daily food ingredient and traditional medicinal plant in Southeast Asia and Indo-China. It has been shown to possess anti-allergic, antibacterial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiulcer activities and also shown wound healing.

What does krachai taste like?

Lesser Ginger is an essential ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine. Lesser Ginger is also known as Kra-Chai or finger root, and is used in recipes like tom Kha Gai, traditional soups and curries. A strong flavor with notes of ginger, but spicier and with a mild tang; best describes Lesser Ginger.

What does finger root taste like?

What is Fingerroot? Used in Thai cooking fingerroot is also known as Chinese ginger. The roots are long and thin resembling fingers and have a similar but milder ginger flavor.

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Is yellow ginger same as galangal?

Galangal is closely related to ginger and turmeric, and all three roots can be used fresh or dried to add flavor to your dishes. Ginger offers a fresh, sweet-yet-spicy taste, while galangal’s flavor is sharper, spicier, and slightly more peppery.

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