What Pairs With Ramen?

Side Dishes to Serve with Ramen: 15 of the Best

  1. Eggs that have been stained with tea.
  2. Gyoza dumplings are a type of dumpling that originated in Japan.
  3. Edamame beans with a pinch of sea salt.
  4. Salad de cucumbers et de chilies
  5. The fifth dish is Japanese potato salad.
  6. Stir-fry
  7. Sauté
  8. Skewers for yakitori.
  9. Crispy teriyaki tofu cooked in the oven

What kind of wine goes with ramen?

  1. When it comes to ingredients, shoyu ramen is one of the most straightforward.
  2. This particular ramen is made with a chicken broth that is somewhat thick, and whereas shio ramen is often made with simply salted soup, shoyu ramen has an additional addition of soy sauce.
  3. Simple ramen pairs well with simple wine, according to the experts.

Choose a light-bodied Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio to complement your meal.

What condiments should I add to my Ramen?

This Japanese condiment is made from a combination of three ingredients: salt, spicy peppers, and yuzu juice (a type of Japanese citrus). Will give your soup a particular brightness that you won’t find anywhere else. Use sparingly or infuse in oil to get the most out of it. In any case, it’s something you should try if you like ramen.

Can you put kimchi in ramen?

Traditional kimchi is an excellent ramen topping because it has a crunchy, acidic, and salty flavor that pairs well with virtually any soup broth. Aside from that, wildbrine’s kimchis are free of fish sauce, making them vegan and suitable for anyone with shellfish sensitivities ( read why ).

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